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Kathy and Pamela in Venice, Italy
Beautiful Florence Italy
Kathy on the Cinque Terre Italy
Pamela on the French Riviera
Gorgeous Garden in Portofino
Cross on a wall in Portofino Italy
Russian Orthodox Church in Nice France
Yacht Harbor in Antibes France
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About Us

Kathy Perrin-Hosier and Pamela Perrin have been creating fine pieces of art together since 1998.  Bringing together their passion for art and love for the Lord, they set out to create visually stunning works with scripture which capture their vision of glorifying the Lord through their art.  In style and inspiration, their vision has moved them through their lifetimes to become the artists they are today.


Their passion for art and beauty combined with their love of the Lord Jesus began early on in their lives, and brought them through some of their most challenging times in life. Their art became an outlet for these dark times and drew them closer to the Lord for strength. It is during these times that tell most heavily upon their creativity and provides the textual substance that bonds the Scriptures with life.


Having traveled together through life's journey, they see the beauty in God's creation everywhere they go ultimately leading to divine inspiration. 


Kathy is a self-taught painter who has created many works of art on her own over the last 30 plus years.  It was always her great desire to glorify God through her paintings.  She eventually came to the realization that if people did not believe and see God's glory through His own creation, the earth, and all that is in it, the heavens with all of it's celestial glory, how could any painting done by mere man who is only copying what God has already created, glorify God?  Then the vision of God's word from the Holy Bible being incorporated into her paintings began to take hold. 


Pamela has always admired Kathy and has endeavored to follow in the footsteps of her sister, spiritually, artistically and holistically.  Pamela has a great passion for travel and has shared that passion with Kathy.  They find beauty and inspiration wherever they go and love sharing it with each other.  From the simplest wildflower in a field, to a magnificent cathedral, each gives them great pleasure and inspiration.  Some of their most joyous days have been spent painting and traveling together. 


Their journey together painting on the same canvas started in 2008 with Pamela's deep heartrending trials and her need to have God's word hanging everywhere in her house to give her strength and hope. Just the act of laying down watercolor paint in colors that were exciting to them provided them with hours of joy.  As each painting was beginning to take shape and form the perfect Scripture for that painting would be revealed.  Only after the painting was completed and the images in the painting would be seen, would they truly realize just how divinely inspired the Scripture was for that painting.  And so was born Perrin Sister's Art out of Kathy's desire to glorify God through her artwork and Pamela's deep need for having God's living word on the walls in her home. 


It is the artists' desire to make these beautiful Scripture paintings available to all - to see God's word spread abroad through art.